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"From the Top of the morning to the Wee of the Night, We Move Fast and Our Prices are Right"


Our storage facility is a great solution if you are in transit from one location to another. We pro-rate your storage the day you come in and the day you come out so you don’t pay for the days you are not occupying a storage vault. Your belongings are all inventoried, tagged, and padded then carefully placed into the vaults. When you’re ready for your belongings simply call us and we will deliver and reassemble all items at your new location.

  • Low storage rates
  • Heated and safe
  • Warehouse manager on location
  • Short or long term
  • Palletized and containerized private vaults
  • Secured, alarmed, and sprinkler systems
  • Reliable inventory
  • Each item is quilt pad wrapped for protection
  • Couches and overstuffed chairs are all shrink wrapped and placed on our large couch rack


O'Sullivan Moving & Storage Co., Inc. BBB Business Review

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