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Moving Checklist - Commercial

Twelve months before your move may be a little early to start thinking about moving tasks, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. The more you get done now, the less you’ll have to worry about during those last hectic months.

We realize that every corporate customer has unique moving requirements and sometimes strict moving policies that must be followed. That is why when you entrust your move to O’Sullivan Moving & Storage Company, we make sure we meet your every need. To help keep your move organized we have compiled a commercial checklist for your company.

4-12 Months Before Your Move

Choose a move coordinator.
Choose your moving date.
Get moving quotes and compare prices.
Create a master checklist of tasks.
Choose a real estate broker.
Meet with the building manager.
Decide on the layout of the new location.
Set your budget.
Communicate to employees.
Identify major tenant improvement needs.
Order new phone and fax number or arrange to have current numbers transferred.

2-4 Months Before Your Move

Hire movers.
Order signage for new location.
Order change of address labels.
Order internet access.
Evaluate your phone system.
Evaluate server room needs.
Design office space and layout.

1-2 Months Before Your Move

Assign office space.
Decide what is going with you and what is going in the trash.
Meet with advertisers in your new city.
Send a change of address to all vendors.
Send a change of address to all customers.
Update your web site.
Order checks and update financial records.
Get insurance quotes for new space.
Order alarm system.
Order keys, access cards.
Order vending machines.

1 Month Before Your Move

Obtain moving cartons.
Start emptying file cabinets.
Inventory computers.
Inventory and tag furniture.
Arrange for storage of property that will not be moved.
Install phone system.
Start packing minor things such as wall items and office décor.
Pack up common areas.
Notify post office of change of address.
Assign new phone numbers and extensions.
Order utilities.
Order new stationary.

Final Week Before Your Move

Pack up desks and personal spaces.
Back up all computers.
Empty, defrost, and clean refrigerator.
Map out the new location and label everything appropriately.
Inspect the new building.
Distribute new keys and access cards.
Reserve the freight elevators and loading docks for the movers at all locations. Estimations are based on exclusive use of the elevators.

Moving Day and Afterwards

Post signs in new office to direct movers.
Clean out old office.
Move plants.
Protect main moving paths.
Set up a “Lost and Found”.
Set up work stations.
Organize your files.
Collect old keys and access cards.
Periodically visit old office to pick up mail.

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